I grew up on a farm in Shirley, IL - where I learned how to drive, weld, fabricate, wire, program, and more. I transitioned into becoming a mechanical engineer before moving out to New Hampshire and furthering my on-the-job know-how. In the past decade I’ve built competition-winning robots, IV production equipment, retrofitted RVs, motorized beanbags, church furniture, and more.
A Budding Thad
I am deeply interested in the quality of technology in the world. My friends and I explore this in our blog + podcast. We need new (or rather, so-old-they’re-new) ways of thinking about technology, or we will continue to build with the same philosophies that produce big technocratic tyrranies. There are a lot of engineers out there who will tell you how complex of systems they have worked on. I pride myself on how suckless my solutions are.
Growing up fixing and maintaining equipment, I have a deep appreciation for the whole lifecycle of a machine: design, fabrication, maintenance, operation, repair, obsolesence, and repurposing. I strive to produce things that truly add value to their owners (and their communities) for generations through good engineering and craftsmanship. Technology can and should be a means to enhance and perfect human work and life at large - not to do away with the pesky business of life.

Thad, you’re the most redneck engineer I know. I mean that as high praise.” - A coworker, as I rolled a MIG welder across a parking lot to fix an RV for a medical device company.

I helped start FIRST Robotics Competition Team #4213, built up a lot of FLL teams in the Bloomington, IL area, drastically helped improve Manchester Makerspace, and more.
Inspired by the work of Ade Bethune and others, I started doing iconography with a pretty unique style.

“You should consider yourself lucky to have Thaddeus on your team. He brings to the table a high level of machine design acumen and OEM automation industrial knowledge. He’s professional, approachable, collaborative, and thoughtful. During our time working together, I came to know Thaddeus as the type of Engineer you could depend on to meet hard deadlines, work under ever-changing requirements, and adapt to difficult circumstances. If you ever get the opportunity to work with him, you’ll understand what I mean.” -Fraser Tibbets, Engineering Manager at DAPR Engineering