I'm Thad.

South Bend Lathe Restoration

Ever since I was a kid, there’s been an old WW2 era South Bend lathe sitting in the corner of our family’s shop. After half a year of college around such beautiful metalworking machines, I decided that the old thing needed to see the light of day again.

Isometric view

The general task was just to strip down, clean, rebuild most everything. These machines are quite beautiful works of art.

Isometric view

First accessory drawer Second accessory drawer

Some of its accessories: - A 4-jaw chuck - A faceplate - A cone extension for the tailstock - A “milling attachment” that can drop in place of the toolpost.

Milling with a lathe

Using a piece of flat bar and a less-than-stellar vise, I was able to set the machine up to do a certain degree of milling operations.