I'm Thad.

Quad Bike Electric Conversion

My grandpa purchased a quadracycle or quad bike.


It’s kinda hard to take up hills. But it’s wicked fun to ride. Could this be improved? Absolutely! I electrified it!

I did some rough hand calculations and estimated that it would take at least 1 HP to make a real dent in things with two heavier-set people behind the handlebars. So I found a scooter electric kit that fit the bill at 1kW for 48VDC. It included the electrics, sans batteries, so all that really needed done was powertrain and bracketry.

But first, a prototype.


I did this all over the course of a weekend with a south bend lathe, a MIG gun, grinder, scrap metal, and not much else. I was lucky enough to have a one-way bearing…

The motor in that drill should provide about ¼ HP. And I’m pretty light (120lb). It seemed to work out, but a little underpowered, and the magic smoke comes out quickly. Enough to decide on comitting to my sizing and forge ahead.

I finished the electric conversion up just in time for christmas…