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RGP007 Lapsim Analysis

Laptime simulation shows itself to be a potentially powerful tool for driving the development direction of a Formula SAE car. The extent to which it can be used is highly dependent upon the model used and parameters included. RoseLap (as of version 3) models the following:

  • Weight transfer: ‘two-tire’ model which considers longitudinal weight transfer, but not lateral.
  • Tires: Tires have a constant coefficient of friction and are modeled as grip circles.
  • Engine: steady-state torque curve that is linearly interpolated. Fuel efficiency is computed based on work done by the engine.
  • Transmission: multiple gear ratios, while selecting the one which maximises output torque. A variable shift time (where 0 power is output) is modeled.
  • Aerodynamics: drag and downforce that obey a square relationship with velocity.
  • Brakes: constant brake biasing and dynamic (optimal) brake biasing are both modeled. Assumes impending slip.
  • Driver: driver is ‘perfect’; always strives to hit the highest speed and brake as deeply as possible.

RoseLap also allows for points simulation; that is, computing expected point values from competing in the dynamic events.

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