I'm Thad.

Instacode: Hyper fast NXT programming

NXT-G is convoluted, disgusting, resource-hungry, not cross-platform, and the code still lacks good control loops for repeatable motion.

But not Instacode. Download it here!

Instacode is a GUI front end made with python + tkinter. It generates NXC code which gets compiled and deployed via the nbc app.


  • Drive methods (Turn and Straight) with high precision (calibrated for standard NXT 1.0 tires)
  • Arm method with high precision (calibrated for a 12:40 gear ratio)
  • Loop and switches, which can be triggered off of light, ultrasonic, and touch sensors.
  • Saving and loading
  • Builtin download and run capability

Here’s a brief demo of a development build: