I'm Thad.

Grizzly Lathe Restoration

Overview of refined machine

A buddy of mine rescued an old grizzly G2000 from the trash heap of UIUC. Being the kind soul he was, he brought it back to our high school robotics team. Of course, this thing was showing its abuse- being not even a decade old, but terribly siezed up. A full teardown and rebuild was in order. So I dumped it in the back of my car and took it back to RHIT to rebuild.

The lathe in the back of my car

I mean full. About the only thing to not come apart was the spindle itself.

It was also missing a tailstock and a toolpost… and sure you could buy those, but why not just make them?


It’s all together now and sits happily in the shop of MetalCow Robotics (FRC #4213). The only issue is the motor- it doesn’t really like to start in the high speeds. This can be worked around by giving it a bit of a kickstart- spinning the spindle by hand and it’s off. I tried replacing capacitors, inspecting the centrifugal switch… but to no avail. It likely simply needs a new motor.