I'm Thad.

Mentoring FRC 501

I can’t be kept from FRC, I guess. I helped FRC 501 for their pretty successful 2020 season. The game’s objective was to shoot dodgeballs and do a pull-up at the end of the game. We looked at the field and saw a pretty cool strategy that could be successful: shoot across the entire field, minimizing the distance to the feeder station, which was a very good supply of balls, and the full-court position was protected, making shooting from there easier.

We took the robot to the week 0 event without too many hopes, just wanting to shake the thing down. At first it looked like that was about how it would happen. We weren’t looking too hot in the first few matches, but we kept improving, and carried our alliance into finals, and to take the whole event, which was a very happy occasion.

A student power stancing with the bot before Week 0

V1 and V2 intakes

We decided after that to name the bot the ‘full court zester’ since it shoots full court and the yellow dodgeballs leave a ‘zest’ as they pass through the flywheel shooter.

The shooter

I was new to a lot of folks but still managed to teach a lot about using CAD properly and powerfully, strategizing, goal-setting, general mechanical work, and principles of mechanical engineering.